Vocational Division


Vocational Division

‘‘VST Certified’’ Programs specialize in leading our community to employment and higher education

Through Work Source development initiatives, VST will train our veterans and at-risk community members
Free career assessment evaluations / Supportive Services through our community partners
Lifetime job placement assistance
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Vocations Through Keystone College

Veterans Stand Together is excited to announce our partnership with Keystone College! Now with Keystone College, veterans are able to:

Receive an Average of 10 to 25 Credit Units for Prior Military Experience
Attend Vocational Programs Through Keystone College
Earn Credits for Academic Degrees Through Vocational Programs
Earn Credits for Academic Degrees Through Vocational Programs
Save Money! All Vocational Programs are Grant-Based and at no Cost for Those That Qualify
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Empower Your Peers...

Our Certified Peer Support Specialists are trained to identify and assist those seeking long term recovery with supportive services.